Movie club for learners of English:

Surround yourself with good English and good people
Experience native English and connect with others
by watching and discussing movies
in our movie club
A lot of learners try to use movies to improve their skills.

Maybe you have tried these things:

watching movies guessing the meaning of words you didn’t know?
using subtitles in your native language?
writing down all the unfamiliar words?
translating what characters say?

You must know that these ☝ don’t usually work.
Here’s the story you might find familiar:
“Before the movie club, I tried to maintain my English skills on my own.

But the problem was that without real communication, I was forgetting everything that I learned quickly because I didn’t use it.

Sure, I could write something without relative problems, but when I tried to speak, all the words just slipped out of my memory.

The movie club was a great opportunity to balance my English language learning.”

Join the movie club to understand native speakers in movies, and discuss interesting movies, practice your skills, and meet interesting people.

Enjoy a conversation after you enjoyed a movie.

Our English movie club “Watch Your English” is a cozy and supportive space for English language learners.

Taking part in an English conversation club:
inspires you to learn English through interesting movies and simple tasks
deepens your knowledge of the culture, customs and speaking style of native speakers
allows you to expand your vocabulary while watching movies in English
provides live communication with interlocutors on interesting topics
gives you access to an English teacher if you have any questions (about the movie or about English)
It’s informal.
It’s simple.
It’s fun.

What is English speaking movie club “Watch Your English”?

Our club is like a private (and exclusive) party for learners of English who love a great movie.

And you’re invited!

We’ll meet online once a month to talk about the movie we’ve all watched.

You can share impressions, and discuss the questions you’ve received beforehand.
online movie club for learners of English
Imagine yourself so engaged in discussing an interesting movie that you’ve forgotten you are speaking English.

Next movie in the movie club:

“Inspired morning is guaranteed”
With Tanya’s movie club, inspired weekend mornings are guaranteed.

Watching movies in the original (even if you don’t understand everything) and then discussing them is a real pleasure!

Who is the movie club for?

learners of English who want to “spice up” their usual learning routine
any learners who need speaking practice without judgement and stress
movie fans who are looking for company to discuss movies (including native speakers and ESL teachers)
anyone who’s interested in working with me and wants to see me “live”

It’s NOT for you if

you’re looking for explanations and feedback
your level is beginner or elementary
you’re too shy to share your opinion even to friendly people
you don’t watch movies
“For people who like deeper conversations and who want to push themselves”
Online movie club for learners of English
Thought-provoking movie questions make the movie easier to grasp and remember for me. It is another, deeper way to enjoy a movie.

It is also an improvement of myself, because I get better at thinking, analyzing, expressing my ideas in English.

I think this club is for movie lovers, for sure – but mainly for people who like deeper conversations and who want to push themselves a bit.

How does our online movie club work?

Sign up below
Sign up in the form below and you’ll get a confirmation email. Make sure you provide the correct email address.
Get the updates about the movie
I’ll send you a few emails related to the movie club: upcoming movies, movie questions, interesting facts about the movie etc.
These short emails will help you keep your English in shape and will remind you about learning and speaking opportunities. You can unsubscribe anytime.
Want to discuss it with us? Show up and enjoy
If you watched the movie and would like to discuss it, you use a magic link I send before the movie club meeting and join us online. Feel free to share your impressions, opinions and answer the questions about the movie.

Join the “Watch Your English” movie club

You will get:
announcements about movie club meetings
recommendations on cool movies and TV series to watch
advice on how to improve your language with movies
Sign up now and get free access!
“It’s not scary … we are all learning”
Testimonial about the course, Olesia
A conversation club is not scary. Conversations take place in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere. There is no fear that I’ll say something wrong, because we are all learning.

Movies we’ve discussed (so far …)

movie club movies 1
movie club movies 2


Is this online movie club free to attend?
Yes, currently the attendance is free.
Who organizes and hosts this club?
I’ve been teaching English for more than 20 years, mostly to adults. I’m a movie fan and love talking about the movies I’ve enjoyed. I also like discussions and deep conversations, so I created a movie club to connect to people beyond small talk so common at speaking clubs for learners.

I organized a free speaking movie club 2 years ago, and enjoyed helping learners gain confidence discussing things that matter to them in English, and our movie club is a great framework for that.
“Get a chance to discuss interesting topics”
Club member Pavlo
For me it’s a way to practice and maintain my spoken English, and to talk about the topics I don’t get a chance to discuss in daily life.