Movie journal for learners of English who love movies

Know what to do with movies so that your English actually gets better with each flick
This journal template will help you “activate” your language skills instead of passively watching movies in English.

What’s inside the movie journal?

4 simple tasks will get you from passively watching movies to actively using English.
You can use the fillable version of the PDF file and do it on your computer, or you can print it and do it on paper.
When, where, how you watched it, and what genre it is text
Emotions this movie evoked in you before, while, and after you you watched it
Even if you can’t watch movies in English (yet), you can “catch” a few phrases from a trailer and make them yours.
3 questions about the title, your favorite part of the movie, and about characters.
Additional space for your notes about the movie
A mental checklist to remind yourself that it’s not an exam, but something to enjoy and to look forward to.
Want to learn English with movies?

Ready to have better conversations about the movies you’ve watched?

Download the movie journal for learners of English.

Download Movie Journal template

About the author of the movie journal

Tetiana Bilokin, an online English teacher and course creator

My name is Tetiana, I’m an experienced ESL teacher and a huge movie fan.

TV shows and movies in English are a way for me to create an English-language environment at home and enjoy soaking English in without much effort.

My clients kept asking me if watching movies was enough to improve your English, so instead of my usual explanations, I decided to make this movie journal.

It will help you balance the joy of watching with the usefulness of putting your knowledge and skills to practice.