Movie workbooks for learners of English

Learn English by diving into great movies:
from passive watching to active learning

Delightful activities for authentic English

Learn English from 2 romantic movies using my workbooks

My English workbooks based on movies have the following benefits:

Tasks for all skills (passive & active)

Improve your listening, speaking, and writing skills with fun activities.

Enrich your vocabulary

Expand your vocabulary and improve your knowledge of grammar with movie-based tasks.

Convenient workbook

A PDF file you can use on your computer, tablet, or print and fill out my hand.

Speaking practice with other movie fans

Join the community of English learners and movie lovers from all over the world.

Activities & Answer key

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Movie workbooks for intermediate and advanced English learners

Want to improve your skills by watching and discussing movies in English?

All workbooks contain activities for learning English, developing language skills, discussion questions, a glossary (explanations of difficult or new words) and an answer key.

By hand

You can print it and fill out with a pen or pencil


The PDF file is fillable – you can write the answers inside the file

Choose your workbook

“The Holiday” movie workbook

“The Holiday” is a perfect movie to learn English from due to its engaging plot, relatable characters, and a balance of emotional depth and humor, providing an immersive language-learning experience.

Movie workbooks for learners of English

The workbook includes:

  • Summary (with glossary)
  • How to describe people – characters activity (with glossary)
  • Movie scene activities (with glossary)
  • The answer key
  • Link to our movie hangout – a free speaking club for learners of English who love movies.
“Pride and Prejudice” movie workbook

“Pride and Prejudice” is a perfect movie to learn English from due to its eloquent dialogue, well-crafted storytelling, and timeless themes, offering an immersive language experience for learners.

Movie workbooks for learners of English

The workbook includes:

  • Character activity
  • Stop confusing words marriage / married / marry 
  • The storyline activity
  • Movie scene activities
  • A character map
  • The glossary
  • The answer key
  • The link to our free movie hangout

FAQs about movie workbooks

What is a movie workbook?
A movie workbook is a PDF file that contains information about the movie and specific tasks to help you improve your English language skills.
What kind of movies are these workbooks based on?
Both movies are based on movies about relationships and love. They both are well-written, with witty and funny dialogs filled with useful vocabulary. “The Holiday” is a mix of romance, comedy, and drama while “Pride and Prejudice” is an exciting combination of drama and romance.
Are the workbooks suitable for self-study?
Yes, the workbooks are designed for self-study and can be used independently or as part of a classroom curriculum. But if you have any movie- or language-related questions, you can ask me.
How do I get the workbook after the payment?
After the transaction, you automatically will receive an email with a link to the PDF which you can download. If you don’t get the email or it’s lost in Spam, let me know and I’ll send you the workbook.
What skills can I improve with a movie workbook?
Movie workbooks can help improve a range of language skills, including listening comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation.
Do I need to know the movie before using the workbook?
No, the workbooks are designed to be used with or without prior knowledge of the movie. However, watching the movie beforehand can enhance the learning experience.
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Do you have further questions?

Feel free to send me a message and I will get back to you.