Improve English speaking skills:
English Reflections

It’s not just a speaking opportunity – it’s an opportunity to improve your speaking.
Make progress on your time, anytime.
Improve your English speaking with expert feedback and support.

Do you practice speaking English in your daily life enough?

Finding time to practice is not easy for an adult learner who is a busy professional.
You must have had one of those days when nothing seemed to go as planned, right?

You’ve set aside time to learn English, but life throws unexpected challenges your way – like a sudden business trip or a tight deadline.

That’s where my group speaking program comes in handy.
It’s designed for busy people who struggle to find time for traditional lessons.

What is a speaking program?

A speaking program is a different format of practicing speaking, without 1:1 or group lessons.
The program is focused on improving your speaking skills, on a particular topic.

Instead of lessons, each week you’ll get 2 short speaking tasks and record your 2-min responses during the week, at your own time. No need to schedule lessons. 2-3 minutes and you’re done.

You’ll get my feedback on each recording you send with corrections and improvements, and then you’ll re-record your responses.

When you spend 5-10 minutes a day engaging with the task, you’ll notice improvements in your English and in your speaking confidence.

Why learners love this program

5 reasons this English speaking program is perfect for busy professionals

Unlike lessons or speaking clubs, this program takes very little time – you can record your answer while sipping your morning coffee or before you go to sleep. With short and easy regular speaking, you will make more progress.
If you’ve been learning English on your own, you can finally balance your skills and activate what you had learned passively. You also strike a balance between being prepared and spontaneous: your answers are partly prepared (you’ve thought about the questions) and partly spontaneous (you can’t write and memorize or read your responses).
You have time to think before you make your recording, so you don’t have to worry what to say – just how to express it.
My example answers and feedback will help you find the right words to say what you mean – it will become easier to build/form sentences and with time you’ll feel more relaxed when speaking.
Unlike in real life, here you can have a do-over: You improve by taking my feedback into account and making an improved version. Because you have feedback from me, you can get rid of your “favorite” mistakes

What you’ll get:

7 short speaking prompts to help you handle conversations related to a specific topic relevant to your life
2 of prompts delivered weekly
It takes up to 15 minutes 3-4 times a week to complete the tasks
Unlimited feedback via Telegram
A minimalist workbook to take notes and to track your progress
Length: 4 weeks

for 1 month

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How this speaking program is different from other solutions?

Unlike 1:1 classes, you don’t practice anything except speaking. And you don’t need to block 2 hours every week in your calendar. You don’t have traditional homework – no need to read texts or do exercises. Your time with the teacher is limited, but your progress is not.

Unlike speaking partners, I give you feedback on how best to improve what you said. And unlike speaking to a speaking partner, you can later try to say this again, in a better way. In real life, it might sound weird, but that’s how you improve.

Unlike speaking clubs, you don’t have to listen to other people answering the question. But in the program, you only focus on your thoughts, your recording, and your personalized feedback. If you want to discuss your answer with people, you can – that’s why we have a group chat, too.