Are you translating everything you think word-for-word into your native language and feel that something “sounds wrong”?

Can’t quickly find the right word in a conversation?

Don’t understand what the other person means?
I will help you communicate better in English.

Hi! I’m Tetiana,

I will help you express yourself more fluently, accurately and naturally in English.

Instead of translating your thoughts word for word, I’ll help you master collocations and speech patterns so that you speak almost like a native speaker.

I develop dialog-based learning materials from movies and TV shows to help you speak like your favorite characters and use the methods that work.

About me

I used to teach English at three different universities, but I was frustrated that the curriculum mainly included information but little communication and engagement. Students saw English as a subject, not as an opportunity to express themselves and connect with others. I decided to do it in my own way 🙂
university colleagues
on campus in the USA
Now I help working adults solve life’s problems without feeling limited by language.
I am conscientious, thorough, I love my job, and I take each of my student’s sucess really seriously. (That’s why I only work with a limited number of students at any time). I carefully prepare for and look forward to classes, knowing that the communication in class will be not only useful but also interesting.

What else you might find of interest:

I am based in Ukraine, in the city of Kropyvnytskyi (formerly Kirovohrad).
I graduated with honors from Kirovograd State Pedagogical University ( School of Foreign Languages, specialty: teacher of English and German).

I don’t remember German now. I understand a little Spanish. I can speak Russian.

In 2003-04, I stayed in the United States (California State University, Long Beach) on a Junior Faculty Development Program (JFDP), where I attended classes to soak in the teaching and learning experiences and apply them in my work.

I have 2 cats: Nelson and Bianca. They keep me busy and often make me laugh.

My alumni and clients include diplomats, pharmacists, IT directors, lawyers, pilots and aircraft technicians, CFOs, doctors, teachers some of which now live in the US, Canada, and Australia.

My favorite TV series: “Person of Interest”, “Homeland”, “Hell on Wheels”, “Luther”, “Dr. Martin”, ” Humans”

My 3 beliefs about language learning

that I have gained from 20 years of teaching experience and which I aplply in my work


Vocabulary is the key to language competence. Speaking naturally (“like a native speaker”) is the result of mastering the right vocabulary.

Use it, don’t lose it

Your progress depends on how you use what you’ve learned. Speaking “on autopilot” happens when you’ve heard, seen, and used the target word, phrase, or grammar structure many times.

Movies and TV

Movie dialogues are the most realistic context for learning not only the language but also cultural norms.

Watching, analyzing, and discussing movies and TV shows is the most authentic way to create an English-speaking environment at home, which is the closest to the reality of native speakers

What students say

I felt like I was stuck at the same level, not growing.
Working with Tania, I stopped making some of my “favorite” mistakes (which I had been making for years and didn’t pay attention to), started using some recommended collocations, remembered vocabulary and grammar better, and now I’m not bored with learning English.
About Tetiana Bilokin
I wasn’t sure what Skype lessons would look like, but surprisingly, everything turned out great for me. I like the lively conversations and your explanation of how you explain things so easily.

Thank you for making me fall in love with English, I hated it at school
former student Ivanna
The webinar was fvery useful. I learned how to write a CV summary in three sentences, what verbs to use in a resume, and much more.
For those who are currently looking for a job, this is a step-by-step guide on what to do (and what not to do) when writing a resume, as well as how to make a resume “shine”
About Tetiana Bilokin
I was incredibly lucky with my teacher, because I was consistently writing every day and she checked it all, and provided detailed feedback.
To put it bluntly, my hands don’t shake anymore (when speaking English) and my thoughts don’t scatter in panic.
Testimonial about the course, Olesia
You’re a teacher who can fully meet your language learning needs, with attention to detail.
I really like the way you choose videos and texts, you always take into account my preferences and make the tasks so interesting and effective.
In general, lessons that stimulate further learning are priceless!

Why is it necessary to focus on collocations in order to master spoken English?

By mastering collocations and language patterns in context, you will:
stop confusing similar words, understand the nuances of their use
get rid of your “favorite” mistakes
gain insight into how tenses and articles are used (grammar) by seeing them in context with other words
learn additional meanings of common words you think you know (including phrasal verbs)
improve fluency

Where you can connect with me

If you have any questions or just want to say hello, please contact me.
I will reply within 2 business days.