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Top Apps to Improve English Pronunciation for Busy Professionals

Check out my recommended apps for English pronunciation practice and boost your level of confidence

Are you a busy professional who wants to improve your English pronunciation easily? This blog post is here to help you achieve that goal without spending a lot of money.

Learning to pronounce English words correctly is important for speaking clearly. You can use various apps and online resources to make this easier. These tools can help you practice and improve your pronunciation in a convenient and affordable way.

Discover the Best Apps for English Pronunciation:

learn pronunciation - English pronunciation practice
Learn Pronunciation (Android)
If you want to start simple and free of charge, use this app to master the correct sounds of English words by listening to the audio, repeating the word and getting the star rating for your pronunciation. Annoyed by ads? Unlock the Pro version without ads for just $1.
ELSA speak - English pronunciation practice
ELSA Speak
If you’d like an AI pronunciation tutor that can give you feedback (how correctly you pronounced something) as well as video lessons about pronunciation, check out this app. Start with the free version and consider upgrading to the premium subscription for more advanced features. It’s still be cheaper than hiring an English tutor.
forvo - English pronunciation practice
If you are not sure how native speakers pronounce a certain word, you can listen to different English, American, Australian or Canadian accents and dialects in this app. You can even request the pronunciation if this word has never been recorded. The app is about $3 (one-time payment) for a mobile app and you can use their website for free.

If you don’t use your mobile to practice English, you’re missing out because then you have fewer and less diverse options. Most browser-based apps don’t allow for feedback (even AI-based). I don’t know the technical reasons, but I think on mobile devices it’s easier to quickly record yourself.

Here are some websites still available to you if you’d rather not use your mobile:

Web-based Options for Pronunciation Practice:

Forvo: Utilize the enhanced version of Forvo website for a seamless pronunciation experience.

Forvo -  English pronunciation practice

Cambridge Exercises: Filter exercises by “Pronunciation” and by your proficiency level to tailor your practice sessions.

Cambridge exercises - English pronunciation practice

VoiceTube: Engage in pronunciation challenges and leverage video content to enhance your listening skills alongside pronunciation practice.

Voicetube - English pronunciation practice

YouGlish: Search for words or phrases in YouTube videos to hear authentic pronunciations in context.

youglish - English pronunciation practice

Your next action

Take a day to explore these recommended apps and online resources. Then choose the one that you like best and start using that resource every day, for at least 30 days. 

It will also boost your confidence when you speak in personal and professional settings. Embrace these resources as valuable assets on your journey toward mastering English pronunciation effectively and efficiently.

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