Kettle - 2 minute learning

2-minute English: Before the kettle switches off

Optimize productivity with a 2-minute task while waiting for your kettle. Achieve more, stop procrastinating, and improve your future in just minutes.

What do you do in the 2 minutes after you put your kettle on?

You may take an empty cup out and spoon the sugar and coffee …

I open my laptop and do THAT THING.

“That thing” can be anything.

But usually, it’s something that you know you’d better do it (for your better future). But you postpone it because it’s not urgent.

It’s usually something complicated, long-term, or not very exciting.

For me, it was cleaning my online notebooks and folders. Or doing a course I bought and haven’t finished. Or exercising.

I knew it would help me, but I never had time for it.

There’s always something more urgent, right?

Break through procrastination

So I tried this:

I promised myself to spend 2 minutes on it (while the kettle is boiling) and after that, I can stop.

Turns out, as soon as I got into it, I wanted to continue.

I usually did – sometimes for 10 more minutes, sometimes for 20.

Find time to learn English

The trick is to prepare everything in advance – so you don’t waste the 2 minutes looking for file, waiting for it to open, scrolling to the necessary page, etc.

You jump in. Swim for 2 minutes. Get out (if you want).

Enjoy your coffee.

I’m telling you: this way I made more progress than promising myself to “do the course next Monday” (which I was telling myself for 7 months).

Stop putting off important stuff.

Just 2 minutes – and out.

Looking to improve your English?
Invest 2 minutes completing a task from a movie workbook I created for learners of English.
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