вивчати англійську з ChatGPT

How to learn English with Chat GPT: prompts and tips

Unlock your English language potential with Chat GPT! Discover how learners of English at intermediate level can use this tool to practice and improve their English today.
Chat GPT has taken the internet by storm: few people in my Facebook feed aren’t experimenting with this new “toy”, and that’s not surprising, as it’s an incredibly useful tool. Learning English with Chat GPT can transform your routine and make learning English easier and more enjoyable.

In this post, I’m going to give you example prompts and useful tips about how to learn English with Chat GPT effectively.

What is Chat GPT?

Chat GPT is the latest tool that is transforming the way people learn English and improve their language skills. Built on state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, Chat GPT delivers conversation starters and writing prompts tailored to the student’s level, providing an engaging and interactive experience that is both fun and effective.

If you want to learn English with Chat GPT, you’ll need to know how to use it effectively. It uses advanced technology to provide real-time feedback on grammar, vocabulary, and sentence structure. In addition, it is completely free and accessible at any time, making it a great resource for English language learners all over the world.

What are the benefits of using chat GPT for English learners?

Chat GPT gives you the opportunity to practice your English in a safe and supportive environment. You can learn English with Chat GPT without fear of judgment or embarrassment, which is often a major obstacle to improving your level.

Chatting with a bot feels more natural than just learning grammar rules or word lists. GPT chat can also be adjusted to your level of English. This means you can practice and learn at your own pace without feeling overwhelmed or bored. And the best part is that artificial intelligence is constantly learning and evolving and can adapt to your individual needs provided with the right prompts.

Simply put, Chat GPT is like having a conversation partner or writing teacher at your fingertips. Plus, it’s free and available at any time, making it the perfect resource for language learners like you. Give it a try and see how much it can improve your English!

Chat GPT Prompts and Activities for English Language Learning

A prompt is what you ask Chat GPT to do. It is important to write an accurate and precise prompt to achieve the necessary result, as chat is an algorithm and it cannot read your intentions, only what you ask of it. That’s why it’s essential to provide enough context in the prompt in order to generate the most appropriate response.

I have tested several different prompts that you can use to learn English with Chat GPT and get the results you want.

Prompts for learning and revising vocabulary:

Topical vocabulary and flashcards

Flashcards are a great way to learn and memorize vocabulary. You can create flashcards with new vocabulary you want to learn and practice it regularly. Chat GPT can generate flashcards for you or recommend online tools to create them.

Here’s an example of a chatbot prompt to generate cards on the topic of “Discussing Movies”:

generate a list of 20 collocations on the topic “Discussing movies” for learners of English at B1 level

(By the way, if you’re not sure what your level of English is, take this online test to check your level of passive skills.)

The result is just what you needed:


  • box office hit
  • critically acclaimed movie
  • big-budget film
  • indie film
  • romantic comedy
  • action-packed movie
  • gripping storyline
  • stellar performance
  • silver screen
  • movie buff
  • on-location filming
  • epic adventure
  • horror flick
  • tear-jerker
  • cinematic experience
  • special effects
  • movie premiere
  • film festival
  • supporting actor/actress
  • lead role


  • box office hit – a movie that is very successful in terms of ticket sales
  • critically acclaimed movie – a movie that receives positive reviews from film critics
  • big-budget film – a movie that is made with a lot of money
  • indie film – a movie that is produced independently from major studios
  • romantic comedy – a movie that combines elements of romance and humor
  • action-packed movie – a movie that is full of exciting and thrilling action scenes
  • gripping storyline – a movie with an engaging and suspenseful plot
  • stellar performance – an outstanding acting performance
  • silver screen – a term used to describe movies as an art form
  • movie buff – a person who loves watching movies and knows a lot about them
  • on-location filming – shooting a movie in a real setting, rather than in a studio
  • epic adventure – a grand, sweeping story of a journey or quest
  • horror flick – a scary movie
  • tear-jerker – a movie that makes people cry
  • cinematic experience – the overall experience of watching a movie in a theater
  • special effects – visual or sound effects added to a movie to create a certain effect
  • movie premiere – the first public showing of a movie
  • film festival – an event that showcases and celebrates films
  • supporting actor/actress – an actor or actress who plays a secondary role in a movie
  • lead role – the main character in a movie.

Then you can create English-English cards yourself or ask the chatbot to do it for you:

generate English-Ukrainian flashcards for the list above

  • box office hit
  • critically acclaimed movie
  • big-budget film
  • indie film
  • romantic comedy
  • action-packed movie
  • gripping storyline
  • stellar performance
  • silver screen
  • movie buff
  • on-location filming
  • epic adventure
  • horror flick
  • tear-jerker
  • cinematic experience
  • special effects
  • movie premiere
  • film festival
  • supporting actor/actress
  • lead role
  • фільм-хіт касових зборів
  • фільм, що отримав високі оцінки критиків
  • фільм з великим бюджетом
  • незалежний фільм
  • романтична комедія
  • бойовик з багатою кількістю екшену
  • захоплива сюжетна лінія
  • видатна акторська гра
  • срібний екран – термін, який описує кіно як мистецьку форму
  • кіноман – людина, яка любить дивитись фільми та знає про них багато
  • зйомка на місці
  • епічна пригода
  • фільм жахів
  • фільм, що змушує плакати
  • кінематографічний досвід
  • спеціальні ефекти
  • прем’єра фільму
  • кінофестиваль
  • актор або акторка, яка грає вторинну роль у фільмі
  • головна роль – головний персонаж у фільмі

From this data, you can then create cards in Quizlet or Anki.


Mnemonic techniques are memorization aids that help you associate new words with something you already know. By associating unfamiliar words with familiar or associated words, you can remember them better. Chat GPT can suggest some associations or help you create your own.

Example prompts:

help me remember the difference between the word “subscription” and “prescription”, use simple language for a learner of English at B1 level

And the outcome:

A few more useful prompts to expand your vocabulary and learn words:

Make 4 sentences using the phrase “by and large”

Choose a synonym for the word “ambitious” and use it in a sentence

Using Chat GPT to improve English Grammar

Learning English grammar can be a real pain sometimes. But guess what? Chat GPT is here to help! This tool is seriously amazing for anyone who’s trying to improve their grammar skills.

Basically, Chat GPT can catch errors and give you feedback on how to correct them. Plus, it can suggest ways to structure your sentences better, which is seriously helpful.

So, if you’re feeling a bit stuck with your English grammar, don’t worry – Chat GPT has got your back! Just give it a try and see how much it can help you improve your skills.

Here are a few prompts you can use to practice grammar.

what are 3 main instances for using Present Perfect? explain for an English learner with B1 level, and provide 2 exaples for each instance

коли вживається Present Perfect вивчати англійську з ChatGPT - learning English grammar with Chat GPT

You can ask it to generate more examples of a particular grammatical structure or tense:

Write 6 sentences using the …. with enough context for a learner of English with … level

вивчати англійську граматику з ChatGPT
вивчати англійську граматику з ChatGPT

Learn English with GPT : Tried and tested prompts and activities

Learning vocabulary in context can help you understand and remember the words better. Chat GPT can help you find materials or recommend resources that use the vocabulary in contexts, such as news articles or short stories.

Reading Comprehension: 

Chat GPT can also be used to practice English reading comprehension skills. You can ask the chatbot to provide them with passages of text at an appropriate level of difficulty, and then practice their reading skills by answering questions about the passage.


make a 3-paragraph story for a learner of English at B2 level (about the adventures of a lost dog)

generate 5 comprehension questions about this story and then provide the answers below

And look at the results:

If you are expecting to deal with a particular problem in English, you can prepare to it by generating topical conversations:

write a 25-sentence dialog between 2 friends discussing a visit to a family docor because the child is sick

Can chat GPT provide language feedback?

Chat GPT is seriously awesome for anyone who’s trying to learn English. One of the coolest things about it is that it can actually give you feedback on your language usage, which is super helpful for improving your skills.

Basically, Chat GPT uses some fancy technology called natural language processing to analyze your conversations and give you real-time feedback. It can catch all sorts of mistakes, like grammar errors, spelling slip-ups, and even problems with word choice. Plus, it can give you suggestions for making your sentences sound better.

What’s even cooler is that Chat GPT can personalize its feedback to your specific level of English proficiency. So, you’re getting suggestions tailored to your needs, making them way more effective. Overall, I think Chat GPT is a total game-changer for anyone who’s trying to get better at English.

Prompt you can use to get feedback on your writing:

Provide language feedback for the following piece of writing done by a learner of English at B1 level. Point out grammar and vocabulary mistakes and give 1 example of correct sentence for each.

(then paste text in the next line)

вивчати англійську з ChatGPT і отримувати зворотний зв'язок

The result is shown in the screenshot above (part of the generated response)


It’s an awesome experience to learn English with Chat GPT, especially for those of you who are already at an intermediate level. Once you start practicing regularly, you’ll gain the confidence you need to communicate with others in English.

I’m confident that Chat GPT prompts and tips in this article will help you step up your English-learning routine and get better and more lasting results. And don’t forget, you can always come up with your own creative prompts and activities to help you practice the language even more.

Have you tried to learn English with Chat GPT yet? What prompts have you found most useful?

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